Every phone call is an opportunity for repeat business and revenue. But “you must answer.”

Skiza business is an innovative solution which makes sure the customer hears your message before you pick up. They feel compelled to stay on the line, listen to your sales pitch, and buy your product or service.

why work with us?

Over 500+ Successful Business tunes recorded and Still Counting

Entertain Callers

The skiza business tune entertains your callers with an appropriate message.

Reduce Queries

Avoid answering calls that can be otherwise be solved by customers themselves.

Cost Effective 

Market your products cheaper with a call. It only costs 5000 to set yourself apart.

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Skiza Business Tunes

When prospects call businesses, they are frequently forced to wait while the company's phone system plays music or mother's calling. But this is boring; and smart entrepreneurs know a ringing telephone ties up a prospect who has made a purchase decision, or is ready for one.

Skiza business ringback tone service replaces this -- without costing you more in monthly fees! With a Skiza business ringback tone your prospects and customers hear a message from your company they -- and their friends and colleagues -- want to hear. Your message comes through loud and clear while the caller waits for your company to answer the call.

With a Skiza business ringback tone, your message comes off as warm, friendly, upbeat, informative. Join over 1,000 business owners who are making money by using Skiza business ringback tone service to create a communication advantage over their competition for only KES 5000.

Get a custom tone for your business regardless of industry with a Safaricom line.



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A Skiza tune is the best tool to market your business before picking up. Helped reduce customer queries in our business.

Sarah James

Marketing expert

Very professional and we had our business tune in under 7 working days. Highly recommended for small and medium sized businesses in Kenya. 

Mike Tatum

Designer ui/ux

Patrick and his team are highly professional and delivered our tune quickly. Highly recommended especially if you're starting out.

Lisa Bellucci

CFO of the company

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