January 26

General Conditions to Note When Applying for That Ring Back Tune


Ringback tunes have been in existence for over a decade and have millions of subscribers; this is not in Kenya but worldwide. Some use them for personal reasons, but agile businesses or companies use them to ensure their businesses grow.

The good thing about ringbacks you can customize yours; this keeps your business away from lawsuits because of copyright infringement, or cancellation of a ringback tone business needs consistency.

You can purchase one from the Skiza business just for your business. Here are a few conditions you have to understand before subscribing or making that ringback tone altogether.


To get a ringback tone for your company, you are required to submit a letter on the business letterhead signed by the directors authorizing the inclusion of your corporate ringback tone service.

The letter includes copies of the national identity cards of the two significant signatories, a copy of the certificate of incorporation, business registration and certificate, and or country government business.

If you want to produce your tune, you have to provide a copyright certificate. The name of the company or business requesting the service or an assignment of rights if the submitting entity is not the producer.


There is the prepaid subscriber where you can pay a daily fee or a postpaid subscriber you pay daily dues, but they are compiled into a monthly bill.

How it works

Most of the time, you are required to submit your desired 30 seconds jingle of your ringback for review.

To unsubscribe

It's okay to subscribe from the corporate and SME ringback tone service anytime. Forward your request to the service provider.


 Any business ringback request will always be available as informed at the time of purchase, but you may lack the services.

If you fall behind in updating payment of the monthly fee.

You unsubscribe

The mobile number to which the ringback tone fee is applied is disconnected.

Termination downsizes

Once you unsubscribe from the service, any remaining paid days will automatically be lost. There is a no refund policy for used ringback tone service.

Policy of roaming

Your business or company tune ringback can not be heard, especially when you are roaming.

Privacy policy

The ringback tune service provider can collect numbers and use phone numbers only to offer ringbacks. The company does not share its customers' numbers with a third party.

With those conditions in mind, you can go ahead, choose that ring back tone subscription, grow your business or company.



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